The overall vision of the CLIC is to make a better world through the creation, implementation and promotion of an academically substantive second language program that guides the development of:

  • Communicative and interactional abilities in a second language through language analysis and language use,
  • Analytical, critical-thinking competence developed through the study of linguistic, social and cultural aspects that define second language communicative-interactional abilities,
  • A broad educational experience (intercultural awareness and abilities) that will help students become productive members of a society in which multilingualism and multiculturalism are the norm rather than the exception.



  • Design, develop and implement an innovative, research-based second language undergraduate curriculum, in close coordination with other academic units.
  • Design, develop and implement an innovative, research-based study abroad curriculum that complements and expands the curricular options offered on campus at Rice University.
  • Identify and develop “best practices” in language teaching through observation, empirical research, and assessed outcomes.


  • Lead students to develop critical-thinking abilities to study and learn a second language and to understand their own native language.
  • Teach students the ability to communicate and interact with speakers of a second language (in both oral and written modes of communication).
  • Guide students to become aware of the structural, conceptual, social and cultural aspects associated with language use (including their own native language).


  • Prepare and train language teaching faculty through professional seminars, lectures, workshops, and critical analyses of model classrooms.
  • Promote professionalization of language teaching staff through funded research, training, and course development.
  • Encourage and guide faculty to design, implement and share innovative and effective pedagogical practices that will help students achieve their educational goals in a second language course.


  • Create theoretically sound and pedagogically effective teaching materials and assessment instruments that can be used in courses taught at Rice University and shared with the larger educational community.
  • Design and implement a program of educational outreach to share the unconventional knowledge developed by the CLIC.
  • Transform the CLIC into a national leader in the design and implementation of curricular and extra-curricular approaches to achieve advanced levels of second language learning and intercultural communication.