Follow these steps to apply for the Certificate of Language and Intercultural Communication

The email should include:

    1. Your name, year of study, and intended graduation date.
    2. The language(s) you are applying for.
    3. A 500-word statement of your academic objective.
    4. An unofficial transcript showing your progress so far in the chosen language(s), including the results of the Language Placement Test, if applicable.
  • Meet with the Certificate advisor to plan a course of study that will lead to the Certificate.
  • Formally declare the CLIC certificate through the Registrar’s Office Learn More
  • After completing the coursework and study abroad experience, contact the Certificate advisor to arrange for testing.

Follow these steps to take the Speaking and Writing Tests

  • Students who are ready to take the speaking and writing test should fill out the pdf form and notify the Certificate advisors during the first 2 weeks after Fall or Spring semester starts. Certificate advisors will verify that all the requirements are fulfilled except for the essay and oral exam.
  • Speaking Test

    • The speaking test will include both role-playing and a presentation. These will be done in early April.
  • Writing Test

    • The written test will be either a descriptive or argumentative essay. This test will be take-home and also done in early April.
  • The testee will be notified of their language rankings by the end of each semester.
  • Certificates will be offered at the end of each academic year.

Contact Christine Medina at if you have any question.