Follow these steps to apply for the Certificate of Language and Intercultural Communication

The email should include:

    1. Your name, year of study, and intended graduation date.
    2. The language(s) you are applying for.
    3. A 500-word statement of your academic objective.
    4. An unofficial transcript showing your progress so far in the chosen language(s), including the results of the Language Placement Test, if applicable.
  • Meet with the Certificate advisor to plan a course of study that will lead to the Certificate.
  • Formally declare the LIC certificate through the Registrar’s Office Learn More
  • After completing the coursework and study abroad experience, contact the Certificate advisor to arrange for testing.

Follow these steps to take the Speaking and Writing Tests

  1. Students who are ready to take the speaking and writing test should fill out the pdf form and notify the Certificate advisors during the first 2 weeks after Fall or Spring semester starts. Certificate advisors will verify that all the requirements are fulfilled except for the essay and oral exam.
  2. Speaking Test
    • The speaking test will include both role-playing and a presentation. These will be done in early April.
  3. Writing Test
    • The written test will be either a descriptive or argumentative essay. This test will be take-home and also done in early April.
  4. The testee will be notified of their language rankings by the end of each semester.
  5. Certificates will be offered at the end of each academic year.