S.C. Kaplan earned her doctoral degree in French Literature, with a Doctoral Emphasis in Medieval Studies, at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She specializes in 15th-century French and Burgundian women’s libraries and the ways women transmitted knowledge to each other. Her current book project, ‘Se livre est a madame de Bourbon’: Agn├Ęs de Bourgogne, Duchess of Bourbon (1434 – 1456) and the Female Cultural Networks of Bourbon and Burgundy in the 15th Century, aims to elucidate women’s relationships with their books, whether bought, inherited, or commissioned, and in so doing, explicate how they may have shared literary ideas and intellectual preferences, thus strengthening their relationships with ladies within and outside of their immediate family. She has recently published an article in the Brepols volume, Les Femmes, la culture et les arts en Europe entre Moyen Age et Renaissance, and has multiple ongoing open access projects including a blog, Middle French Transcriptions, and a watermark database known as Paperbound.

office: 217 Rayzor Hall
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