Postdoctoral Fellow

Aisulu Raspayeva received a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Georgetown University with a specialization in Sociolinguistics. Her primary research interests are intercultural communication and trilingualism development in post-Soviet Kazakhstan and discourse analysis (conversation, narrative, institutional, and epistemics discourse). More specifically, she focuses on how cultural norms of under-researched Kazakh and Russian speaking communities influence development of their interactional competence and how a younger generation of Kazakhstani people use three official languages (Kazakh, Russian, and English) in both interpersonal communication and professional institutional encounters.

Aisulu is a part of such ongoing research projects as the NSF-funded project of Cultural Similarities and Differences in Meanings and Consequences of Advice (Georgetown, Department of Psychology), Smith Island Voices (Georgetown, Department of Linguistics), and Discourse Analysis of Campus Police Calls (Georgetown, Department of Linguistics). She has also assisted with Professionalization Seminar for Linguists, developed the online repository of Cross-cultural Communication course, and has taught Introduction into Language and diverse ESL/EFL courses.

office: 221 Rayzor Hall
phone: 713.348.2820