Postdoctoral Fellow

Wei-Li Hsu received her Ph.D. in Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, specializing in Chinese and English as a second language (L2), L2 assessment, and L2 reading. She has taught L2 Chinese and L2 English at a variety of contexts, such as at junior schools in Taiwan, at U.S universities, and community service for elder immigrants in the States. She also taught university-level theory courses on L2 learning and L2 testing.

Her research interests mainly include evaluating language proficiency with a focus on communicative competence in instructed settings, such as university-level of placement tests, differences between foreign language learners and heritage language learners, validating tests with a communicative framework, and real-time L2 Chinese reading strategies.

office: 222 Rayzor Hall
phone: 713-348-2378