General Information

If you plan to study a language at Rice’s Center for Languages & Intercultural Communication (CLIC), you must take the Language Placement Test (LPT) to determine the most appropriate level for you. Even if you have no prior experience with that language, you must take the LPT to confirm that you should take the first semester course. Online testing will be available during the specific dates listed below for all languages offered at CLIC.

Next testing period:

August 7 – 24, 2018


Please, make sure to take the placement test early in the testing period. Portions of the tests are graded manually by a limited number of instructors who need some time to process the information before your registration.

Access the Language Placement Tests here.

Click on the link for the language you want to study. You will complete a brief survey about your language knowledge. Based on your response you may be directed to take the next section of the test in Canvas.

Take the test.

Wait for the placement notification. Tests are graded individually by faculty members. It may take a few days to recieve your results. You will recieve an email from a faculty member or a CLIC staff member with your placement result. Your placement will also be visible to you in Canvas.

Placement test results are sent to the registrar’s office regularly throughout the registration period. You will be able to register for your language class once your result has been uploaded into Esther. If you continue to have trouble with registration, please contact You may need to submit a special registration form.


Email to request access to the test (for non-Rice students) or with any questions you may have about the placement test.

Future testing period:

November 6 – 30, 2018


Frequently asked questions are answered here.


Language placement test contact information.