Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the format of LPT (Language Placement Test)?
The LPTs consist of three sections covering listening, reading, and writing. Some LPTs also include a speaking section. It takes about 30-45 minutes to complete the entire test.

2. What is the timeline and procedure to take the LPT?
The LPTs are open a week before spring/fall registration and end before the last day of registration. The exact dates before each semester will be posted online on the Test Information page.

3. For how long are the results of the LPT valid?
The results of the LPT are valid for 4 years, but after the 1 year mark, the instructor of the language course in which the student registers has the right to assess the student’s ability and, if necessary, ask the student to retake the LPT.

4. Can I take the placement test again if I fail it?
You cannot fail the placement test since the score you get is used for placement purposes only. The test allows us to determine the most suitable language course for you.

5. Can I take more than one placement test?
If you intend to study more than one language at Rice, you may take the LPTs in all the languages you plan to study.

6. Can I receive credit for language courses I have taken before coming to Rice?
“Rice University awards transfer credit for certain college preparatory exams. Students are required to submit official score reports for any exams for which they wish to receive credit. The score reports will remain with the Office of the Registrar and become a part of the student’s file at Rice University.” (Registrar’s website). The exams most likely to be used for language credit, and officially recognized by Rice, are the AP and the IB exams. Please visit the Registrar’s website for more information.

7. How many credit hours can I receive for my AP/IB exam?
You can receive up to three course credit hours (but not distribution credit) if you obtained a score of 4/5 in the AP exam, or 5-7 in the IB exam. The credit is given through course number 222 in the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Please go to the  Registrar’s website for more information.

8. Do I need to take the Rice Placement Test if I already have AP/IB credit?
If you are interested in studying any language at Rice CLIC, you must take the placement test to determine the most appropriate course for you.

9. I took 141 & 142 at Rice, but studied the 2nd year on my own. May I take the LPT to see if I place into a 300 level course?
No. You should follow the appropriate Rice course sequence. You may get equivalency for Rice language courses only through transfer of credit for courses taken at accredited institutions of higher learning.  Speak with a transfer credit advisor about equivalent courses.  Self study is not considered an equivalent course.