Eligibility and Application


  • Relevant pre-requisite for the course(s) being offered or placement via the Language Placement Test (will differ by program).
  • Course grade: a grade of B in the last relevant language course taken during the previous two academic semesters. If the applicant has not taken any language courses during those semesters, they must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and receive the appropriate placement in the required course level through the placement test.


  • Applications for summer 2023 will open in late fall via a Google form. In addition to answering a number of questions, applicants will be asked to upload an essay (500 words or less).
  • After submitting the online application, applicants who meet the criteria will be contacted by the Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication to attend an interview with the Faculty Leaders.

Selection Process:

  • Criteria: the Faculty Leaders will review and rank applicants according to the compliance of the candidates with the basic requirements (GPA, previous coursework, etc.), as well as the assessment of their commitment and ability to fulfill the academic objectives of Rice in Country.
  • Selection: a Selection Committee composed of all Faculty Leaders overseeing Rice in Country programs will make the selection of admitted applicants.