Spanish for Healthcare Professions

The Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication offers pre-med students at Rice the Spanish for Healthcare Professions track in the Spanish language program. The course sequence helps students simultaneously develop their linguistic proficiency to effectively communicate in medical contexts and their cultural competence with regard to healthcare issues in the Latinx community. The courses include clinical simulations in Spanish, opportunities to learn from Latinx medical professionals, and virtual exchanges with medical students in Spanish-speaking countries. The Medical Apprenticeship matches students with local organizations where they can use their Spanish language and intercultural knowledge to serve Spanish-speaking patients in Houston. Two of our courses, SPAN 322 and SPAN 323, count as electives towards the Medical Humanities minor.

Lastly, courses offered through the Department of Modern and Classical Literatures and Cultures (MCLC) dive deeper into literary and multi-modal representations of medicine and Spanish speakers.

Course Sequence

Decorative infographic showing the sequence of Medical Spanish courses

The courses below, offered by the Department of Modern and Classical Literatures and Cultures, may also appeal to students interested in medical professions:

SPAN 333: Latinx Healthcare Issues*

SPAN 370: Latin American Illness and Literature*

*This course may be used to satisfy the requirements or elective requirements of the Minor in Medical Humanities.

Before registering for a Spanish course, take the Language Placement Test to find out which course is right for you.

Study Abroad

Rice in Spain is our six-week summer study abroad programs focused on Spanish for Health Professions. Learn more about Rice in Spain at this link. For additional study abroad opportunities, visit the Study Abroad Office’s website.


Watch the videos below to learn about our Healthcare in the Latinx Community speaker series and other highlights of the Spanish for Healthcare Professions program.

Medical Spanish Faculty