The Center teaches Mandarin Chinese, the official language in China and Taiwan, through the fourth year of study, including courses for heritage learners at the second- and third-year levels. Every other year we offer Chinese for Medical Professions. The Center awards the Certificate in Language and Intercultural Communication in Chinese.

Chinese an option to fulfill the language requirements for the Asian Studies major and minor and the Linguistics major. Chinese is recognized as a critical language by the United States Department of State.

Course Sequence

Decorative infographic showing the sequence of Chinese courses. Language learner start with CHIN 141 to 142 to 263 to 264 to 301. After 301 they may take either 302 or 319 before taking 401 to 402. Heritage learners start with CHIN 206 progress to 311. After 311 they may take either 312 or 319 before taking 401 and 402.

Before registering for a Chinese course, take the Language Placement Test to find out which course is right for you.

Study Abroad

Please visit our Study Abroad pages for information on our 6 week, 6 credit summer faculty led Rice in Country study abroad programs and our CLIC Language Study Scholarship Awards. For additional study abroad opportunities, visit the Study Abroad Office’s website.

Chinese Language Faculty