The Portuguese Language Program at Rice offers accelerated courses in Portuguese for students who have a very good command of Spanish. The courses offered through CLIC guide students to understand the Portuguese-speaking culture and society through our focus on language awareness and critical language analysis. The Portuguese courses at CLIC focus primarily on the language as spoken in Brazil.

Course Sequence

Decorative infographic showing the sequence of Portuguese courses from 106 to 206 to 301 to 302

Before registering for a Portuguese course, take the Language Placement Test to find out which course is right for you.

Study Abroad

CLIC offers merit scholarships for students who plan to study Portuguese abroad. Please see the merit scholarships page for more information and eligibility requirements.

Contact the Study Abroad Office at abroad@rice.edu to learn about study abroad opportunities in Portuguese.


Faculty member Aja Roberts
Aja Roberts

Lecturer in Portuguese and Spanish

Hélade Scutti Santos
Helade Santos

Director of Language Instruction and Lecturer in Portuguese